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This blog is all about the residents of Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint trying to Protect Ham Fields. Ham Fields is the ancient name of the green space which remains between Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint, the so called Strategic Gap, also referred to as land to the west of London Road, Hassocks.

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Remains of an Ancient Woodland

Running between Oakdene and No. 7 London Road and intersecting the north and south fields directly behind London Road is a very old hedgerow.  It is indicated by the arrow on the map below.  The hedgerow comprises many ancient plants including Butchers Brush and several substantial oak trees.

The red line indicates the historic boundary of Wickham Manor (mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086) as detailed in a 1732 survey by Thomas Pointin, full details of which can be found in the Danny Archives held at East Sussex Records Office, catalogue item 2099.

On 1 August I wrote to Steve Ashdown and Don Newling at MSDC about Tree Preservation Orders for the oak trees, unfortunately you cannot protect a hedgerow.  I received a reply the same day saying the site would be inspected within 10 working days and if there was going to be a delay I would be improved.

Fingers crossed for a positive result.

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